AES  represents the following Universities of Ukraine and China in the field of Medical Studies and Aeronautical Engineering & other professional courses.



CRIMEAN STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY is  one  of  the  oldest  and leading  higher  medical  schools  of  Ukraine. Founded  in 1930, CSMU  is  the only  higher  medical  school  certified  by  the IES (International Educational Society) London in  Ukraine, and Recognized  by  WHO,MCI(Medical council  of India). Every foreign citizen, a graduate  of  the  CSMU receives a  registered  certificate  of  IES proving  a  diploma on "General medicine" to  be the  AA level  which  is  of  great  help at  job  placement  in  any  country(as, is  recognized & well known in  the  world). For  further  information – Please  visit


LUGANSK  STATE  MEDICAL  UNIVERSITY  founded  in 1956,is  a  modern  institution  of  higher  education  attested  according  to  the  highest  4th  level  of  accreditation. The MBBS/MS and MD degree is  fully  recognized  by MCI,WHO,US Education  Department  and  General  Council  of  Medicine of  Great Britain. After  passing  degree  from  LSMU, students are eligible  for  USMLE(United  States Medical  Licensing  Examination) and  also  for  PLEB  tests (UK). Above all  university  is  recognized  in  the  whole  world and  rated  as  30th  rank  in  the  world  by  WHO  and  American  Medical  Sciences etc. For  more  information please  visit –


ZAPOROZHYE  STATE  MEDICAL  UNIVERSITY  is  one  of  the  oldest  medical  higher  institutions  of  Ukraine, established  in  1903. The  University  became  an  international  higher  educational  institution  long  ago. ZSMU of  Ukraine  is  recognized  by  the  World  Health  Organization(WHO), by US Education  Department, General  council  of  Medicine & recognized   by  Medical council  of  India(MCI). For  detail information  visit –


KHARKIV  AVIATION  INSTITUTE, STATE  FLIGHT  ACADEMY  OF  UKRAINE                                             

UKRAINE  is   a   state  situated  in  the  center   of   Europe, a  member of  European  council. In  1991 it  became  an  independent  sovereign  state.   Ukraine is one  of  the  few countries  of  the  world  where  aviation  and  space  engineering  is  developed  and  manufactured   and   where skilled  specialties  are  trained  for  these  areas.


Founded  in 1930, the National   Aerospace  University  kharkiv   Aviation  Institute  is a  leading  one  among  the Ukrainian  educational  institutions  training  out  such  specialists. The  degrees  and   diplomas  of  the  KhAI  are  recognized  by  the  international  Association  of  Universities  IUA, UNESCO & Indian  Association  of  Universities & recognized  by  Indian  Government.  The  University  takes  part  in   the  program  of  creation  of  international space station . From  1992  the  KhAI  resumed  training  of  foreign  students. Over  300  foreign  citizens  from  25  countries of Asia, Africa and  America are  trained annually  at the  University. The  university   offers  not only  Bachelor  and Master degree courses but  also Diploma and  Phd degree courses also  in  all discipline.


Accommodation  -    University  in   its   own  campus  consists  of 10  hostels  for 6,110 seats. Hostels  have  reading  halls, dining halls, canteens, café’s & possibility  to  cook  their  meals on  their  own.

Climate  - moderate, average  temperature  in  January  -2 degree Celsius, average  temperature  in  July  +25 degree Celsius. For  more  Information  visit  :-  



SFAU  subdivision  The  Kirovograd  flight  school  provides  civil  aviation  pilots  training  according  to the  ICAO  standard  programs.

01. PRIVATE  PILOT (PPL)-  The  ICAO  course 231 Graduation  Aircraft Yak 18. Course duration  is  6 months. Total  flight  time  is  50 hours (including  40 hours on Aircraft) . Eligibility -  10+2
02. COMMERCIAL  PILOT (CPL)- ICAO  course 232 Graduation  Aircraft  AN-2 Course  duration  is  18 months.Total  flight time  is  250 hours (including 170 hours on Aircraft) . Eligibility – 10+2
04. Course  duration  is  24 months. Total  flight  time is 250 hours (including 170 hours  on  Aircraft) .  The Training is conducted in English & Russian  languages

Arch Educational Services was founded in the year 2003 with a view to provide quality services in the field of education to the students in Northeast and other parts of India. Our mission is to provide a valuable link between good quality education universities in China and students from all over the world. AES open doors for students wishing to study in China and Offers professional comprehensive services to ensure that needs and interests of the students are met on an international standard.

Our Services:
Provide detailed information on medical cources, undergraduate programs and post graduate programs.
Education Consultant meet students, paresnts individuals to give specific advice on study option & plan to meet individual needs.
Arrange students visas, air tickets, airport pick up & accommodation in China.
Provide quality education platform & placement assistant.
Solve our students education, accommodation, health & personal issue through our residential staff in China.
Why choose China as study destination?

Since 1949 when the People`s Republic of China was founded, the Chinese government has always been placing the education on its higher agenda through uninterrupted efforts in the past five decade, China has made significant progress in its education section. Chinese universities are not only affordable but also provide quality education that meet international standards. They have 80-90 years history pf producing quality docters and academic leaders of the world.


AES works closely with these universities in student selection process curriculum development, quality control issue, international recognition and helping students for career guidance after graduation.

AES represents the following top ranking universities of China in the field of Medical Studies WHO Recognised, MCI Approved.

One of the national key Universities administered directly under the ministry of Education of China under “211” project

Founded in 1902, with more than a century of academic excellence.
One of the top 10 universities in Scientific research & development in China.
One of the top ranking Universities in China under “211” project.

Founded in 1928, Previously known as Henan Medical College with more than half a century of academic excellence.

International exchange and cooperation with more than 38 Colleges and Universities around the world and began to enroll international students in 1983.



One of the top ranking Comprehensive Universities of China.
Founded in 1912, is a Public institution of higher learning directly under Zhejiang provincial bureau of Education.
International exchange & cooperation with more than 30 colleges and universities around the world.


One of the comprehensive universities in China.
Founded in 1900, with more than a century of academic excellence.
Offering the broadest range of academic discipline, including medicine, engineering and science.
It enrolls around 800 international students each year.


Ranked among the top ten key universities in China and top 500 in the world. Founded in 1946, with more than a half a century of academic excellence.
One of the key research universities directly under the Ministry of Education.
Four comprehensive clinical hospitals and one dental hospital serve as attached institution.


One of the top ranking universities in China.
Founded in 1934, with more that half a century of academic excellence.
Enrollment of students for advanced studies from over 40 countries in the world.


Originated form Boji Medical School established in 1866 and was the earliest institution of learning & practice of western medicine in China.
Ranking 4th among all 125 Medical Universities & institutions in China.(Visit:, click ‘medicine’ of classified.
Comprehensive medical school with multispecialities and enrolling foreign students since 1954.
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